Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Consequences of Hearing Loss

With increasing noise pollution and improper care of hearing capability people are today suffering from excessive hearing loss. This can simply lead to complete loss of hearing if not cared properly. 

·         Person suffering from hearing loss certainly have disturbing sleeping hours that further leads to disturbing working hours during day time. 

·         Most of the people also have decreased interest towards sex and desires due to this very problem which lead to disturbing marriage relationships. 

·         Hearing problems may also cause some of the diseases like stress, hypertension, heart problems, and other cardiovascular problems. 

It is therefore important for you that you care for your hearing capability regularly. You should check your physician if you are having any problem at early stages so that it may not lead to much complex conditions.

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  1. We really have take care of our ears and our hearing. It is hard to live in a very noisy world without having a clue of what it is going on.
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